Hey I have a website???

so yeah this has been dormant for the winter I guess Wookiees sleep over the winter months.  I know barely anyone reads this but it is really for me to document my collection.  I have made some nice purchases over the past few months.  I picked p some nice photos of chewie, has my takara graded and got an 85.  And I grabbed a few more loose beaters.  500 here I come!!

HAPPY Halloween Folks

Well it has been a bit, but happy halloween.  We survived Sandy and it was not too bad.  No trees down, but we lost power for a few hours….Here is some candy to celebrate halloween.  BTW it was gross and icky tasting.

From one collector to another

This piece was one that is pretty darn special.  That will be the theme for the next few pieces.  Both are from the same guy.  Super nice man named Skye.  Skye is a fellow chwebacca focus collector and sponsor of the Chewbacca Star Tot given away at Celebration 6.  I was unable to see his presentation and he generously gave me one.  I love it. 

Super Cool BEST SWAG EVER from a Celebration!!

So this year I went all out on SWAG.  I had Shirts, buttons AND a patch made.  The buttons were super awesome and were handed out to anyone and everyone at celebration and even pimped out the website.  The patch was also made to promote the website and was in partnership with a yoda collector, Mike Kurtz.  He helps me out with this website, and gives me all kinds of cool stuff!!  Check out his website  maybe he will show me how to link other websites to this one.  And then there is Paul.  Mike sort of introduced us.  I met Paul while walking around C6.  He is in charge of  check it out.  Here is my patch with Mike and Pauls patch that we traded.

SWAG part 2..Return of the Celebration SWAG

Since I have the day off, Iwill update the site with a few additions like I promised weeks ago..


Here are 2 badges from the celebrations.  I am not a huge fan of the current C6 badge, but hey, its chewbacca!!!!  BUT, I am a huge fan of Chris Trevas and his art work.

OOPPS, lets see some SWAG

Well here is my late addition to the site.  I have several items from the celebrations to show you.  Here are the 3 medallions featuring Chewbacca from Celebration 4, Celebration Europe and Celebration japan.  I was lucky enough to get to the first Celebration Europe and met a whole nice group of collectors.  It has helped propel my collecting. 

Celebration is coming, Celebration is coming!!

So one of my favorite things to do is go to Star Wars Celebrations.  They happen every few years, and this year it is again in Orlando.  Usually there are some great Chewbacca items, passes, foreign items, dixie cups, costumes…it is a great time to find some neat collectibles.  Over the next week or so I will post items that I have purchased/obtained at these celebrations.

So I have made a few mistakes.

Well EVERYONE makes mistakes, but this is the tool to help.  A great little eraser from the U.K..

NEW Logo??

Why yes, it is a new logo.  I hope that this sparks my posting more.  I had this designed by a friend.  And with Celebration 6 coming in August many of the members on a website I frequent are promoting different things.   Hopefully I will have pictures to show you what I will be doing to pimp out this website.


Chewbacca From the other side of the world

I have always loved Star Wars items from Japan.  For some reason they just clicked for me.  One of the cooler smaller Asian items are the Kubricks.  These little things came out about 2003-2004, and I collected the first few series They are worth a bit more now….picture me kicking myself).  But When I got the chance I picked up the chewbaccas in the waves that came out recently.  Now mind you there is an early bird set, that I did have the Chewbacca for, but I let that one slip out of my fingers to a friend.

Now each wave has a theme and the ones that are pictured here are from ESB and ROTJ.  I think they are WAY cool!!